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Keyword Generator

Keyword Generator helps you drill down into the link context of sites, allowing you to strike keyword gold. This is helpful for content ideas, and looking for advertising terms to target.

While there are other keyword generation tools on the market, we feel this one is unique thanks to its source of keywords. Rather than scraping third party data, the Majestic Keyword Generator uses AI-based NLP algorithms to mine the extensive dataset that is our backlink database.

How it works

Choose a Seed Site or Keyword

Enter a search into the 'Choose a Seed Site or Keyword' box. You can add either a root domain, subdomain or keyword. If your site is small, or you would like a richer set of keywords with less bias on an individual website, you may have a combination of up to four of your own sites and Related Sites.

Get a list of keywords and phrases

Search Volume is how Search Engines see each keyword. Keyword Difficulty is how often the entire Majestic index sees your keyword, and Frequency is how often the term appears near to your seed websites.

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Drill in to your favourites

Discover up to 100 variations of your chosen key phrase. Either copy to your clipboard, or check these new phrases in Keyword Checker.

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Optional: Send to Keyword Checker to check key stats

See Search Volume, and how often the phrase appears in our database of domain names, URLs, page titles and anchor texts.

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